Newsletter #1: Hello world!

This is the first post for "The Defragmented Newsletter". I want the newsletter to be a documentation of the things that I am doing rather than just being a plain newsletter that put up some links and resources you might useful. Like I get it that some people might find the link sharing idea beneficial where they would just pick what they want and move on in their lives but that is not my goal here

My intention is to make this more like a diary where I want to document everything that I am learning on a by-weekly basis. I have a plan to scale myself on different levels from software development, dev-ops, design, business, management, marketing, and more so consider this newsletter as my accountability partner that forces me to learn something new and I have to share it online.

Rather than talking about the destination and the end goal, I will be talking about the journey of becoming that person. The setbacks, the disappointments, the pressure, the fun parts, like all of it will be documented here just to show that everyone has to undergo through an unfavored path and there is no such thing as "over-night success"

But what makes things more interesting is that the podcast guests that I am bringing will play a significant role in the type of content I am going to write here whether it is a blog or newsletter post, this explains why I have decided to shift the podcast question formation on many levels (which I might write about in the future) so expect connections between the podcast and blog with this newsletter

Also I will be sharing news of things that I am building on the side, some of those things might become open source projects or might become products released to the public but you would be informed about it first hand!

This newsletter post is one of the many posts I will be sharing, I don't have an end goal to reach X amount of subscribers nor when I master something since you truly can't master anything completely

I hope you stay around for the long journey that we have ahead and hope you enjoy it!