Our Mission

The mission that "Reconfigured" aims to deliver is helping others advancing in their career through my humble experience. Either sharing things I have learned or by bringing people who has done amazing things as guests on the podcast or guest writers on the blog

At "Reconfigured," our brand is centered around empowering individuals to advance in their careers and pursue their aspirations. Our mission is to share valuable insights and experiences to help you navigate your professional journey. Whether it's through my own learnings, conversations with accomplished guests, or contributions from guest writers on our blog, we aim to provide practical knowledge and inspiration.

We understand the challenges of career advancement and career transitions. Some of you may aspire to become software developers and climb the ranks, while others may be interested in exploring UX/UI or product management. There's also a subset of individuals who dream of starting their own startups. Our goal is to address these aspirations and provide guidance based on my personal journey.

Starting from a young age, I had the desire to launch my own startup but lacked the necessary skills and guidance. Fortunately, I was surrounded by professionals from diverse backgrounds who guided me and shaped me into who I am today. Now, I want to share my experiences transparently and document my own startup journey.

While not all topics will be technical, we aim to address various aspects of life that we all encounter. Each podcast episode concludes with a focus on mental health, underscoring its importance in our overall well-being. We believe that life-changing insights can come from unexpected sources, even a piece of advice from your own father can shift your perspective on your career and life.

Join us on this transformative journey as we explore technology, culture, and society, and strive to provide you with practical advice, personal stories, and thought-provoking conversations. Together, we'll shape our careers and lives with purpose and fulfillment.