The Defragmented Newsletter

My newest edition to Reconfigured: a by-weekly newsletter to be published every Wednesday

Defragmented will act as a complementary element to the podcast (The Reconfigured Podcast) and the blog where I will be sharing recently posted blog posts and podcast episodes along with anything that I am building in public and anything that I am reading or following up

I will be distilling down interesting articles and videos from various sources including the podcast's content, blog contributions, and much more!

The reason I called it "Defragmented" is due to the fact that Defragmentation is the process of rearranging the data on a storage medium for efficient storage and access, this newsletter does the same but with content

Every Wednesday I will share the following:

  • 3 topics to learn from
  • 2 quotes/resources to benefit from
  • 1 question to ask yourself

The aim of the newsletter is to provide interesting technical and non technical points for people who want to scale to the next level by documenting the journey that I am undergoing in details. Whether you are a rockstar software developer, someone who is starting out in the tech field, someone who wants to branch out and start their own consultancy or small business or someone who wants to switch career towards product/project management then this newsletter is the right place for you!

If you have any suggestions about certain topics that you would like to be covered in the newsletter, blog, podcast then consider submitting your suggestions in this form

The newsletter is for free just like the blog and podcast where you can read and enjoy to your heart's content, there is a plan to support premium content on the platform overall but on a later stage which will be announced in the future especially that I run everything on my own expenses 🙃