Podcast #26 - Christophe Zoghbi: AI Education in MENA

This is my interview with Christophe Zoghbi, founder at Zaka AI and Beirut AI

Today's episode is with Christophe Zoghbi, founder at Zaka AI and Beirut AI. We have covered several topics related to AI from its impact on daily activities, trends, challenges and bias regarding AI, and much more

00:00 Intro
00:23 Christophe's intro
00:57 Christophe's journey into the world of AI
06:32 Challenges educating in the AI space
12:00 Significant ways AI is impacting society and culture
14:53 Using AI as a buzzword in business proposals
18:20 Decision between in-house AI or externally hosted AI
24:52 Data privacy around AI
28:05 Bias in AI
32:38 Social challenges in AI
34:43 Emerging trends in AI
39:15 Is academia preparing students for the market or is there a gap?
42:21 What is the most rewarding aspect in Christophe's perspective
44:51 Christophe's perspective on certain things did work out but not as expected
52:48 When people think AI is getting dumber by time
56:02 What people take for granted
01:00:00 Mental Health question
01:03:28 Outro

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