Newsletter #1: reconfiguring and defragmenting

Hello world!

As I continually strive to bring you the latest and greatest in the world of technology from world class professionals on the podcast, I am launching this newsletter officially as an additional medium on Reconfigured!

A-lot of changes are going to happen on Reconfigured all together, this newsletter post will highlight all of the things that I am going to do in the future. I have prepared for this change from December last year and going to be effective from this time and forward

A new way to do podcast episodes

I have reviewed all of my previously recorded podcast episodes and there is going to be a change on how I ask questions and topics to be shared on the show.

I started with getting people to talk about their experience and asking them about what they do but I realized that I can ask those guests about certain topics that I want answers on that they can answer

Like I can ask a founder about his/her adventures starting his company but he/she might not mention how registering a company would be done, doing finances and payroll, hiring the right people for the job. While the audience might like his/her story on how the company got formed yet there was no direct advice on how this can be done

As someone who always wanted to start his own startup, getting experienced people to answer on certain questions that I have in mind when starting a company would help me accelerate forward on my goal hence there should be a certain change in the question structure

This part is documented in Reconfigured's mission which you can read about it here

I have taken inspiration on this from Lenny Rachitsky's podcast and newsletter which I have learned and benefitted from, I am planning on doing something similar but on a technical level

you can check out Lenny's content here

A new medium to support on

While I might enjoy watching podcast episodes that are 1-2 hours long, not everyone might like to go with long form content and prefer to have bit-sized content thus brings me to the newsletter

I started the newsletter with the intention of distilling down content from the podcast and everything I am gather info from into a weekly newsletter, this is why I named it "Defragmented" which is similar to how old computers used to defrag content into chunks

The chosen theme for it will be the following:

  • 3 topics to learn from
  • 2 quotes/resources to benefit from
  • 1 question to ask yourself

Content moderation for all mediums

Starting from this newsletter post I will be distilling down previous podcast episodes into smaller clips and categorize them based on topics

These distilled down clips will be repurposed into blog posts and segments for the newsletter, I want to re-introduce blog posts into Reconfigured where I would cover long form content in terms of podcasts and blog while the newsletter complements them both

The new schedule will go as follows:

  • every Monday I will be releasing a blog post
  • every Wednesday I will be releasing a newsletter post
  • when an episode is recorded, Friday of the week after recording I will be releasing a new podcast post

I haven't decided yet if I should announce whom I am hosting and what topics to write about but if you feel that this would interest you then feel free to reach out so I would start considering it

For this week's newsletter post

For this week's newsletter post I have started with distilling down content into topics hence next week's newsletter will follow the mentioned theme

Consider this post as a "hello world" post where I would introduce the newsletter and what I will be doing with it on the long run

If you have any suggestions about certain topics that you would like to be covered in the newsletter, blog, podcast then consider submitting your suggestions in this form