Podcast #25 - Patrick Samy: Reaching your peak performance

This is my interview with Patrick Samy. Co-founder and CEO of Span (acquired by Eight Sleep) and he is currently working on Peak (https://www.joinpeak.co/)

Today's episode is with Patrick Samy. Patrick is currently working on Peak (https://www.joinpeak.co/), co-founder and CEO of Span (acquired by Eight Sleep). We have talked about several topics from working in big corps, starting your own company, providing market fit, and much more

00:00 Intro
00:23 Patrick Intro
01:08 Peak
09:57 Span (from start till Eight Sleep acquisition)
23:16 Providing market fit
24:48 Perspective on entrepreneurship and product development after acquisition
26:53 Intersection of modern technology on fitness and wellness industry (Artificial Intelligence)
35:45 The influence of Patrick's technical expertise on his approach towards product development
42:02 Working in a big corp (Microsoft)
45:09 The 30 year old rule
47:20 Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to build a successful product
56:10 Privacy and security in the fitness/wellness industry
01:04:39 Misconceptions and myths surrounding sleep/fitness products
01:07:32 Intuitive and user friendly design's effects on people's psychology
01:20:02 Most rewarding aspect of Patrick's work and what he is proud of
01:21:59 Does Patrick attribute himself lucky with all of his endeavours and achievements
01:23:53 Doing something that worked out but not for the reason he thought it would work
01:25:59 Patrick's take on what people take for granted
01:29:46 How has Patrick changed in the last 3 years
01:32:31 Mental health question
01:36:23 Outro

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