Podcast #27 - Yan Cui: Serverless on AWS

This is my interview with Yan Cui, principle consultant at TheBurningMonk Limited

Today's episode is with Yan Cui, Principle consultant at TheBurningMonk Limited. We have covered several topics related to serverless in terms of adoption, architecture, security, tooling and frameworks, testing and monitoring, and much more

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:54 Running a Consultancy Company
07:59 Self-Publishing vs. Working with a Publishing Company
11:25 The Value of Workshops and Courses
22:02 Working in different settings
25:43 Adopting serverless
39:13 Typical Serverless Architecture
44:37 Serverless Frameworks
57:28 Security Considerations in Serverless Architectures
01:00:28 Challenges and Limitations of Serverless Computing
01:03:52 Serverless as the right choice for a project
01:10:06 Ditching Serverless for monolithic applications
01:16:00 Ditching the cloud towards hosting on dedicated servers
01:21:22 Testing Serverless applications
01:31:33 Monitoring Serverless applications
01:36:41 Yan's podcast: Real World Serverless
01:37:37 Most rewarding aspect of Yan's work
01:38:31 Mental Health question

Links about topics mentioned in the episode:

Prime video shift towards monolithic: https://www.primevideotech.com/video-streaming/scaling-up-the-prime-video-audio-video-monitoring-service-and-reducing-costs-by-90
Spotify Test Honeycomb: https://engineering.atspotify.com/2018/01/testing-of-microservices/

Yan doesn't just share insights; he also offer transformative courses and workshops designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in serverless. Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge or deepen your understanding, Yan's unique blend of practical wisdom and innovative strategies is something you won't want to miss

Yan's course offering: https://theburningmonk.com/courses/
Yan's consultancy offering: https://theburningmonk.com/hire-me/
Production Ready Serverless workshop: https://productionreadyserverless.com/
AppSync Masterclass course: https://appsyncmasterclass.com/
Testing Serverless course: https://testserverlessapps.com/
AWS Step Functions course: https://school.theburningmonk.com/courses/complete-guide-to-aws-step-functions
AWS Lambda Best Practices course: https://school.theburningmonk.com/courses/learn-you-some-lambda
Serverless Architecture book: https://www.manning.com/books/serverless-architectures-on-aws-second-edition?a_aid=aws-lambda-in-motion&a_bid=9318fc6f
Yan's podcast: https://realworldserverless.com/

(P.S. The links shared here do not contain any affiliate codes, and Reconfigured is not affiliated with Yan to promote his offerings. I have personally invested in his courses and have benefited tremendously in my professional life)

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