AWS Beirut Community Day 2023

On September 9, the AWS Beirut Community have hosted their first community day with 3 workshops, 6 speakers, and discussion panel.

The following schedule went as follows:


  • (10:30) Unlocking Career Potential - Thembile Ndlovu (AWS Community Manager)
  • (10:50) Building Tomorrow Together - Anas Khattar
  • (11:30) Agile Explored: Real-life experiences and learnings - Elias El Khoury
  • (12:10) The Art of Possible - Ali El Kontar
  • (12:30) Adapting HR to new demands and possibilities - Carole El Ramy
  • (12:50) Workload Modernization on AWS - Mohamad Omar
  • (13:10) Revolutionizing Media Content Workflow - Mohamad Kawtharani
  • (13:50) AWS: The catalyst for business efficiency and innovation - Rashid Mantash


  • (10:30) Building a serverless web app using amplify - Mohamad Kalaaji (yours truly πŸ™ƒ)
  • (12:10) EKS Blueprints - Nour Al Shamaa
  • (1:30 pm) Deep Racer Workshop - Tarek Swaidane and Ghina Daoud

I had the opportunity to provide a workshop discussing and building serverless web apps with Amplify where I have guided the attendees on:

  • utilizing Amplify to create GraphQL queries and mutations
  • adding authentication using Cognito
  • adding and utilizing DynamoDB as database to store info
  • deploying and hosting the application on Amplify

The workshop was a success and it was a full house workshop, attendees worked together in pairs based on experience of each member to ensure that the most experienced can help and guide attendees who recently got into the cloud

If you wish to follow the workshop steps then it is available here

I would like to thank Mohammed Fazalullah from AWS on his constant guidance and support, I would not have been able to provide this successful workshop easily if it wasn't for his guidance and provided steps.

Here are some pictures from the event