Podcast #24 - Shane Afsar: How to be an effective engineering manager

This is my interview with Shane Afsar, Senior Engineering Manager at Algolia

Today's episode is with Shane Afsar, Senior Engineering Manager at Algolia. We have talked about several topics including engineering management, remote team management, dealing with legacy systems, getting involved in the business of things, how to know if someone fits your team, and much more

00:00 Intro
00:41 Shane's intro
01:05 Shane's role at Algolia
02:55 Developer experience, how does it work?
04:42 Algolia's crawler and how it functions
05:44 Shane's experience working at LinkedIn for 8 years
20:15 Dealing with legacy systems
21:47 Shifting from writing code to getting involved into the business aspect
23:26 Shane's experience at Twitter before and after Elon's acquisition
30:30 Twitter's Community Notes feature
31:55 The work environment difference between a big corp and a small corp
35:31 Switching teams in large corps and small corps
36: 53 The journey from software developer to engineering manager
41:07 Pitfalls during transition and what to take into consideration when starting out as an engineering manager
57:57 How to grow a team of 5 developers to a team of 12 cross functioning developers
01:05:34 How to manage remote teams efficiently
01:13:29 Fostering a culture of growth and skills within a team
01:16:32 How to know if someone is fit for your team
01:18:43 Evaluating employees who use AI extensively for work
01:27:01 Does academia prepare you to enter the market
01:37:09 Mental Health question
01:45:49 Outro

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