Podcast #18 - Wesley Faulkner: AWS, Community Management, DevRel

Here is my interview with Wesley Faulkner, Senior Community Manager at AWS.

Today's episode is with Wesley Faulkner, Senior Community Manager at AWS. We have discussed several topics ranging from community management, community ops, becoming a devrel, and much more!

0:00 Podcast intro

0:41 Wesley's intro

1:19 Being a 1st generation American

3:33 Role of a Community Manager at AWS

7:36 Being a board member at The Experience Firm

11:01 Head of Community at SingleStore

13:06 Fostering internal communities within a company

19:44 Developer advocacy in a startup and corporate (IBM and Dailyco)

23:47 MongoDB Community Management

26:12 CommunityOps: operations for maintaining a community

30:32 Instructions to adopt CommunityOps in your company

37:29 Does having marketing and social media skills help in devrel?

40:26 The rise of Slack over Atlassian HipChat while Wesley was working at Atlassian

46:07 Managing different roles at AMD

49:51 Discovering what you love and finding your outlet of joy

51:53 Interesting references and ChatGPT

57:07 Using ChatGPT for DevRel

1:02:54 Running for 2016 City Council in Austin Texas

1:08:35 What to recommend for DevRel based on Wesley's 20 years experience in tech

1:13:38 Shifting careers

1:17:53 Certifications for DevRel

1:15:39 Mental health question

1:23:35 Outro

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