Reconfigured: a new chapter

This is the next chapter in Reconfigured starting off with a brand new logo design and upcoming new updates!

1 year ago I have created the podcast under the name "The Reconfigured Podcast" which holds the same name but there was no "Reconfigured" branding to it, it was associated with my personal name directly like even the podcast's episode released where done on my personal website

Then people started associating the podcast as "Reconfigured" from friends, family, and even podcast guests like when you tell them about the podcast they would go "yeah I listened to your latest episode on Reconfigured, it was nice!"

This made me take the decision to bundle everything under "Reconfigured" where I would combine my blog, newsletter, and podcast under one platform

It was fun getting people to talk about their extended experiences but there are certain questions that I want to ask to the upcoming guests including the fact that the current guests gave advice, instructions, experiences doing things that are not technical that can affect one's path and career

I had to put everything on hold and focus on organizing everything properly from writing better questions, better guest onboarding, organizing episodes and cutting them down based on topic (which it is taking time because there is more than 24 hours worth of content). For the previous guest applicants who applied and I replied to them that we will do an episode but put on hold, I will return back to you soon and we will proceed forward as we have agreed on

There is a plan to include guest writers on "Reconfigured" where interested individuals can pitch in topics and if the topic is interesting and well written then we can review and publish on the platform

Interesting in sharing your experience and be part of something that is influencing the upcoming generation? Contributions are always welcomed! whether you want to write articles or come up on the podcast then feel free to reach out to us here

And we will be following a new format in asking questions to future guests under a new theme that I am planning to implement: Honestly for a long time I have always wanted to be a startup founder, what if I can leverage the experience from the people coming on the podcast by asking questions like about starting a startup, payroll, registration, managing teams and projects, and dealing with investors.

The type of content that we will be serving will fit anyone who wants to be a startup founder or wants to advance in their career (like learning more about a career like project management and what to shift towards it) but mainly it is aiming towards people who want to become technical founders which is what I am trying to become hence Reconfigured will become a source and reference for technical people who want to upscale towards becoming a technical founder yet the information shared in all forms (blog, podcast, newsletter) can be leveraged by anyone (technical or not)

Reconfigured is and still going to stay as a technical source but I am going to bridge out from writing pure technical articles like setting up EC2 instances on AWS or deploying applications because these topics are well covered by multiple people in different platforms but I can write about technical topics that are not covered by a good portion of writers like analysis of cost optimization when adopting Serverless technologies is a good example

And I am taking feedback from everyone and implementing them as much as possible, there might be a chance that I can code and develop my own solutions and share them to the public

I am excited to the new phase that Reconfigured is shifting towards and I will keep on experimenting new things and take feedback to provide as much value as possible!

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